Design Process

Depending on the client or project needs, these are typically the steps.


Quick proof of concepts

Low & High Fidelity

Determine the start, processing, and end state for each action. Beginning with low-fidelity mock-ups, build interactive prototypes for the client and engineers to demonstrate motion, feedback, state, and context. Transform into high-fidelity mock-ups as needed.

Visual Design​

Explore visual design patterns

Visual Design​

Explore visual design patterns. Research framework and/or guidelines if necessary. Experiment with different styles, colors, and typography most suited to the needs. Generate a consistent UI kit for reusable components. Finalize assets for handover to engineers. Ensure visuals are accessible, on-brand, and within cultural boundaries.


Early and often

Failure is Important

Getting feedback is an ongoing process. High-fidelity prototypes and A/B testing results from in-person evaluations as well as online interviews is invaluable. Learn from failures and correct, then retest.

Client & User Needs

Evaluate the scope of work

Scope of Work

Interview the client to uncover the goals and determine what the needs are of the user. Then, meet with the team leads to understand the technical resources available. Finally, draft a scope to determine milestones that align with the goals and fit within the budget, deadline, and technical resources.


Time to get creative

Nothing's of the Table!

Explore the needs and wants of the user. Research competitors in the market. Sketch out rough ideas and ideas that may spark something. Generate user profiles based upon interviews. Create journey maps exploring possible insights and pitfalls.

UX Design

Flow and accessiblity

Illiminate Barriers

Break down the daunting into smaller, actionable goals. Research established UX patterns for achieving a similar goal. Create user flows to determine how to complete each goal in the least amount of steps. Break down the user flows into a system of interconnected components. Develops wireframes based on the components.

Tools Used

Below are the tools I use almost daily, depending on the demand of the task.

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